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Making of Mara Vera

It all began with the urge to slow down. To take a step back and look at the lives we led. The things we consumed, how they are made and it’s impact on our surroundings. After having spent a considerable amount of time in India learning about it’s rich textile heritage it was time we put our learnings into practice to create slow textiles in it’s truest sense.

We landed in Gujarat with a few ideas in our head and a hope to meet with the weaver community. On hot Summer afternoon we headed west (literally chasing the sun). Humbled by the simplicity of their lives and inspired by the wealth of knowledge we spent moths developing an ideal handmade textile with the finest quality.


Past eight months have been as challenging as they have been exhilarating. Combining new ideas with age old techniques has been an unforgettable step into our adventurous and fulfilling journey.