Our Partners From Gujarat

For the past eleven years, Babu and his wife Gauri have been perfecting the art of high quality textile weaving on pit-looms from their family-run workshop in Kutch, Gujarat. Babu’s family has been making handwoven textiles for over ninety years. They told us how this is an integral part of who they are and how the art has been passed down through generations, the knowledge they are excited to pass down to their four children.

The craft of hand weaving is a laborious process and involves skills and patience. To ready the weft yarns which are usually eighty to hundred meters in length is a five day long repetitive process and is done by Babu. While Gauri fills the reels with silk yarn on her charkha. It takes them six to seven days to ready the loom to begin the weaving process.

The entire process is manual and requires zero electricity which helps keeping the energy footprint low.

Our Partners From Rajasthan

We met Arvind and his team in their sunlit studio verandah in west Rajasthan in the early hours of the morning. His wife Sudha welcomed us with a delicious cup of masala chai. Soon after our arrival the workshop filled up with sweet thumping sound of the wooden blocks hitting the six meters long padded tables.

Impatiently waiting for us to finish our tea, Arvind took us through the ancient process of hand block carving, dye making and block printing with natural dyes and mineral which he learnt from his father and grandfather.

We couldn’t have been more excited to learn about his open-mindedness to incorporate Mara Vera’s contemporary design ideas to create a high-quality textile range using their age-old technique.

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